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I visualized this web consignment shop 10 years back during the “dial up” days. I wanted to create a simple and easy way to buy and sell machines world wide. I hope that you find this visit easy and simple for your shopping needs, Our goal is to provide a consignment shop where sellers can show their machines and buyers can gander and make offers that are appropriate. There will be good buys in price but mostly there will be great machines for sale by owners looking for the right opportunity to sell. I warrant that all machines are as described by the owner. I will solicit the most accurate information available on the machine and display the most representative pictures there of. This is a forum for the seller to shop the market and buyers to shop the machines. The consignment format will provide anonymity when requested and it is set up to indicate interest with minimal pricing over time and top pricing for immediate sell. Please email or call if you want to discuss the particulars of any machines or selling opportunities.

Please enjoy your visit, come back often, and invite your friends! Comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism is encouraged and requested.

Services offered: Motorcycle sales, appraisals, transport and much more.

Best regards,
Tim Graber

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