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1912 Pope Motorcycle Model H - Single Cylinder Belt Drive ...@Mecum Auction 2016


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Buy it Now Price: Mecum Auction 2016 -- SOLD Price Range: $57,750 to $60,000 Inquire About this Motorcycle


This 1912 Pope Model H has been owned by the Pope Family in Central California since the early 1980’s. This motorcycle won 1st Place Antique and the FIVA Preservation Award at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering held on May 16, 2015. It is an original, un-restored, running motorcycle and features the original London Gray paint. It includes the Eclipse engine-shaft clutch. It originally sold by the factory for $165 + an additional $15 for the Eclipse clutch. It was purchased in Tulare, CA, from a friend, Lyle W. Parker, a prominent antique motorcycle collector. Lyle said he was given this motorcycle by Floyd Clymer’s widow, Meryl, following Floyd’s death in 1970. There is also an extra Pope H2 motor.

This 1912 Pope Model H is part of the George Pope Collection



Unknown. The patina of this outstanding motorcycle suggests very low miles.


This is an original paint motorcycle. The “London Grey” paint has aged extremely well. It has blue striping, edged with gold around the original decals.

Sheet Metal

All original sheet metal with minimal dings or dents, if any. The tanks is tight and without leaks or rust.


Any and all shiny stuff on this motorcycle would be nickel.


Running Pope, Model H 4 Hp, air-cooled, 4-cycle type.

Wheels & Tires

26-in. with 26 X 2 ¼ single clinch steel rims, and 36 heavy gauge Diamond “E” spokes, front and rear. Reproduction tires since the 1980’s.



Engine #2046 for Model H and #2962 for extra engine Model H2. No frame or belly numbers.


This motorcycle would rate as a1 on the NADA scale.



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