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1913 POPE MOTORCYCLE Model K Belt Drive


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1913 POPE Model K Single Belt drive Motorcycle

This is a Pope motorcycle that was built and run by Bud Cattlet This motorcycle was built from spare parts and it was set up to run on pre-16 road runs. It has custom parts and it is a real runner. The machine starts right up and it is road worthy. The motor and mechanicals were recently refreshed by the current owner and it is again ready for the road.


Minimal mileage on the refreshed motor


Pope Grey with good patina and sheen

Sheet Metal

No rust or dings evident.




This bike runs well. It has lots of compression and is probably a 4 hp motor with those overhead valves. It has a modern carb (Lawnmower) to make it more reliable on the road and it also sports a modern belt available at NAPA. Sight glass in the case allows for oil checks without a problem. Edison magneto is hot. The rear external brake is an add on for safety. Internal rear brake also works. This hard tail frame rides well with the sprung seat

Wheels & Tires

Clincher rims with stainless spokes. Tires are fresh Coker’s 28 X 3 on a 36 spoke hub.


Current Oregon Title and registration Engine # 534


Not rated


Leather top tool bag mounted on the top rail with roadside assist kit! Custum external tire brake added for safe riding.

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