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1915 Excelsior - 3-Speed Motorcycle - Big X - Original Paint - Mechanically Restored


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 This 1915 Excelsior Twin 3 Speed is an excellent example of an original paint machine. Acquired by the current owner in 1999 as a restoration project, there was too much residual paint and the sheet metal was too straight to warrant a full restoration. This hard-to-find model was taken apart and mechanically restored by knowledgeable pre-16 mechanics. The bike has since been started and run but it is not yet ready for a tour. Time for some tinkering with linkage and controls to get everything settled in.



0 Miles on the Rebuild of the complete drive-train.


Original paint on all of the sheet metal and frame and wheels.This paint needs a good oil bath to protect and preserve through the ages. It would be a shame to repaint this machine but the new owner.

Sheet Metal

Original sheet metal believed to be originally fitted at the factory. Minimal dings and no rust. The sheet metal was so good on this bike when purchased in 1999 that it was determined that it would be a crime to restore the bike. It is only ORIGINAL ONCE OR IN THIS CASE FOR 98 YEARS!




Runs great, the motor was rebuilt internally with new rods and Harley pistons. The tranny was complete and just needed a shifting fork repaired. The motor runs well and it is smooth through the tranny. Final sorting out needs to be completed prior to participating in a pre-16 tour. The clutch and brakes need to be correctly fitted to make the bike reliable. This is a dream machine for a rider/mechanic that wants to sort out the linkages to make it as reliable as she is known to be.

Wheels & Tires

Original clincher rims. Tires are white rubber and may not serviceable for a long tour.


Available on a bill of sale.


N/A This would be a 1- rated machine because of its originality.


Correct luggage rack and tail light.

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