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1920 ACE FOUR Cylinder Motorcycle


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Buy it Now Price: SOLD Price Range: $135,000 - 137,750, Inquire About this Motorcycle


1920 ACE FOUR Cylinder Motorcycle
Original Paint Motorcycle Factory Survivor

The price on this historical motorcycle has been reduced. This is an excellent investment opportunity for the next curator of a 1920 Ace four cylinder with sidecar! It is ready to participate in your 4th of July parade. just needs a fresh tank of gas!

This 1920 Ace Four motorcycle is a real piece of American motorcycle history. This is a factory original motorcycle with every piece a one-off original. Only three 1920 Ace motorcycles are known to exist today. Evidence suggests that this motorcycle was built by William Henderson and sold to Roy Egeberg so he could start his Ace dealership. Certain markings indicate experimental components to the motorcycle including the aluminum cases, the carb body, and the head. Egeberg is reported to have raced this bike in the I-Cycle race many times.

Changes were made to the ace through time which may explain the experimental head and X Carb used on the X-1. The Ace comes complete with the original sidecar that was always attached to this machine and is evident in many pictures. This is a factory original motorcycle including the chain! This ACE motorcycle comes complete with a binder full of information that attests to its originality. The originality of this bike is attested to by Richard Morris


Real mileage is unknown.


Original paint protected by oil baths.

Sheet Metal

Original sheet metal attesting to the quality work of the builders


No chrome used during this period. What may have been shiny was nickel.


This motorcycle is a first start machine. It fires right up, smooths right out and is smooth through the gears.

Wheels & Tires

3.25 x 20 tires on Clincher rims.


Engine # A
Frame # None


If rated it would be a 1 plus.


Good documentation of the motorcycles pedigree including a MN title with Egeberg motorcycles name on it... Copy only because it also has a few other bikes listed.

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