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1920 Harley Davidson -- 988.83 cc V-twin-- Model 20-FS “T” Sidecar


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The story is… the previous owner had this Harley restored in the 1990’s somewhere in the LA area. He then brought it to Ft. Worth TX where it sat in his office. He passed away recently and the bike was purchased by a motorcycle dealer that I had sold a parts business to as partial payment. None of this is verified.  


No odometer.


Excellent! Flaws are noted in pictures. Most are very small chips etc. except for one to the lower rear of the fuel tank. Looks to me like there had been a small leak at one time. I have found 2-3 very small (I really had to look hard) drips on the chain case. They are so small that I can’t pick them up on pictures.

Sheet Metal

Excellent. I do have a concern about the sidecar. When I look at sidecars from this era it seems as if they have an entry/exit door on the RHS. This has no such door. If it is a repo it is well done. It is steel and not fiberglass. The suspension etc., is correct. Replacement doors are hard to come by so it could be that someone closed it in, or maybe that is how some of them were. It does have an acetylene bottle under the seat, which is connected to the Headlight and Taillight. This is nothing of note, but I thought they are cool as hell.


The polished/plated metal has light pitting. See pictures. What you see is pretty common on the metal.


Crankcase is full of clean oil. I put a couple of ounces of oil in the cylinders and turned it over slowly. It is free, no catches or scraping. Valve lifters/pushrods/rocker arms all move correctly in the correct order. Bike has good compression. Transmission shifts fine and clutch grabs and releases. Throttle works well and all other external mechanical devices are connected and seem to work. There is one wire coming from the magneto that has broken off of something. I have not taken the time to see where it belongs (see picture). Wheels are free and roll well. Back brake works (as well as it ever did). The carburetor is a Schebler.

Wheels & Tires

All tires in brand new condition
Rims: all 28 inch
Front Tire: Coker 28-inch x 3-inch
Rear Tire: Coker 28-inch x 3-inch


Engine # 20T
Frame # No frame number
Belly # N/A




Near as I can tell the acetylene lighting is aftermarket. Engine has a Bosch Magneto. It may have been an option versus a Berling. Both are mentioned in the Harley book. The Mesinger Air Cushion Saddle is a correct option and is installed on this bike. Saddle has some blemishes on it.

Of course, the sidecar is an option. From the engine number I believe that it is the correct engine for a sidecar. My reading of a Harley manual says that the “T” engine was a lower compression engine that improved “pulling power”. Sidecars were also supplied with different gearing. I am very good friends with a former top executive at Harley who put me in touch with everyone that he knew to track any info about the VIN, sales records etc. They were unable to provide any information.

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