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1949 Harley Davidson E - Castoro Collection -- SALE PENDING


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Buy it Now Price: $32,500 Price Range: $26,600 to $29,750 Inquire About this Motorcycle


The history on this 1949 Harley Davidson E model is not known for certain, other than what we can draw from the paperwork. This panhead Harley Davidson was rebuilt/restored in South Africa in June of 2017. It was then imported into Idaho and licensed in August of 2009. This became Robert’s go-to vintage ride because it was always dependable. This 1949 Panhead is converted to 12-volt and sports a 12-volt generator. This bike has a clear Idaho title and current registration. It is in excellent condition and needs a good cleaning. The bike fired up on the 1st ignition kick (see the video) after a lengthy nap of 5-6 months!


Unknown. 24061 showing on the odometer which does not appear to be working.


Paint is in excellent shape with a few road dings. It’ in need of a good cleaning and polish.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal appears to be original Harley Davidson and is well fit. It is in excellent shape with a few road dings because this has been a rider.


Chrome is in good condition. Currently carrying a good sheen but in need of polishing.


This has been a consistent runner. It has good compression and fired on the first ignition kick. Appeared to be in good tune and ready for a ride. Was smooth through the gears when I last rode with the owner.

Wheels & Tires

Rims: Chromed steel rims with chromed spokes
Front Tire: Dunlop MT 9013 X 16
Rear Tire: Dunlop MT 9013 X 16


Clear Idaho Title and Registration
Engine # 49EL1920
Frame # 49EL1920
Belly Numbers Match



Excellent: $26,365
Very Good $15,650 (stamp on neck)
Good $10,495

Hagerty Value Guides:
• #1 Concours $47,200
• #2 Excellent $37,000
• #3 Good $26,600



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