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1957 Harley Davidson XL Sportster


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As Told By the Seller...

This bike was built out of a basket case, whereas the basket contained about 10% of what I used the rest was found, bought and restored to put onto the bike. It would be easier to comment on what is not original than what is. The tires, exhaust header, muffler, headlight bulb, spokes, seat cover, grips, cables, kick start pedal, coil, battery, emblems, hardware.

I've never had it judged at an AMCA meet but I did take it over to a guy’s house that does the judging and he went over the bike.  The issues he found are noted here: Some bolts not having the right finish. The rear rim is later as it off a 58 XLCH that has 4 small holes for screws to hold the tire on. The Buchanan spokes need to have the “b” grinded off. The seat needs to be vinyl not leather. This is only if you want to have it judged.

Now for the good stuff! This bike has the hard to find one year only air cleaner choke plate, with the original DC1 Linkert carb. The other hard to find original parts include dash and original switches, original front fender with strut bumps going all the way up, original rear fender, tank, chain guard, steel rear engine mount, cast tappets (not aluminum) and original tool box.

I built this motor to run fast and I'll say that this bike is probably one of the fastest stock 1957 XL bike out there! This bike has Keith Black dome pistons, Kibble White valves and guides, Andrews PB cams and the rock-solid Trock trap door and shifting paw. I’ve had many people ride it and they were amazed at how it performed at top end. I was cruising on the freeway at 80 mph and she had a lot more to give, white knuckle ride for sure.  The only issues I have with this bike is the DC1 carburetor, it’s a bear to get right and since I’m not that great at tuning and jetting, it’s giving me problems between high and low speed transitions. The only other issue is that the rear rim offset is wrong, so the tire sits off center, it rides great it just looks off.


About 300 since restoration but odometer says 10,708.3


Is in great condition there are a couple small areas that have chips in the paint, but overall in great condition.

Sheet Metal

The fenders, tank, oil tank, and chain guard are all 100% original factory parts, in great condition!


The chrome is about 10 years old but in great shape. The exhaust header is stainless and needs cleaning to restore its chrome-look, but it is not chromed. The muffler is cheap aftermarket chrome.


The bike starts, runs and brakes. The DC1 carb is my issue as I can’t figure out the jetting, so there stuttering between the low and high side when the carb transitions from low speed to high speeds. Since I'm not an engine builder or tuner, my shortcomings are probably an easy fit for someone that understands carburetors.

Wheels & Tires

Rims: The rims are original equipment as are the hubs and drums. The spokes are stainless steel Bucannons.
Front Tire: Lange 3.50 x 18 same pattern as original Goodyear Super Eagles but say Lange
Rear Tire: Lange 3.50 x 18 same pattern as original Goodyear Super Eagles but say Lange


Titled in ______________
Engine # 57XL 1769
Frame # J 7 or October of 1957
Belly #





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