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1963 BSA Gold Star DBD34 Competition Motorcycle


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There are very few of these 1963 BSA Gold Star DBD34 Competition Model/All Sport Motorcycles. It was modified for road racing in 1965 by Darrell Singer, making his own rear set pegs, shift linkage and tuned by ear racing pipe and megaphone. He polished the ports, lightened the valve train and replaced the scrambler's gears with a road race set. Darrell raced mostly at SIR (Pacific Raceway) and Westwood in British Columbia. He held the track record for a while at SIR with this bike.

The current owner restored this 1963 BSA Gold Star a few years ago. Other than one new wheel, tires, N.E.B. bottom end, racing rod, piston, new valves, springs and bearings, this BSA is as it was when Darrell was racing the bike.

It was raced twice at Pacific Raceway with Buck Murphy in the seat. Buck said he had never been on a better performing Gold Star.

This Gold Star is set up as a cafe racer at this time with a 36mm Mukuni  carburetor. All of the parts needed to convert this bike back to the road  race trim including the 11/2 GP carburetor, the fairing which was never raced, rear peg set, rear shift linkage, fiberglass tank (which needs to be resealed) and racing pipe will go with this bike.





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