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1986 Franks Rotax - SOLD


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Kelvin Franks originated from South Australia and raced motorcycles locally in the 1950’s. He was a close friend of my father. Kelvin went to England and Europe to race motocross professionally in the late 50’s/early 60’s. He ended up in California in the late 60’s and became well established as a motocross promoter but predominantly a fabricator of motocross machinery, eventually expanding into components for road racing. He was known for being innovative and thinking outside the box. In the late 1980’s he returned home and brought with him 4 motorcycles he designed and built himself. One was a 125cc road racer which I raced for him, a 250 and a 600 single road racer, neither of which were used, and an observed trials bike which I think was tested twice, once in the US and once in Australia, but never used in competition. The road race bikes were all broken up and sold as parts and the trials bike is the only one that remains in existence. It was hand built with a chrome moly frame, alloy swing arm and alloy exhaust. It has a single rear shock offset to one side, Foral USD forks, Brembo brakes and Rotax motor with flat side carby.It has billet made wheels, made by hand by Kelvin, and the rear disc brake is on the countershaft which I believe was ahead of its time. I believe the motor is a 350 but cannot find an engine number. The number may be hidden away, but as the bike has never been pulled apart I am reluctant to start stripping it down. Kelvin has stamped the frame “100349” which I think confirms it is a 350. The bike is in excellent original condition so is not “pristine” as it has never required any work or restoration. There are two spare wheels, a spare mudguard and a stand – also fabricated by Kelvin. We believe the bike was completed around 1986. I am familiar with the background as my father and Kelvin continued correspondence between each other from the time he left Australia and returned, and they then kept up a constant association after Kelvin returned home


Negligible but not recorded



Sheet Metal





Rotax single, barely used.

Wheels & Tires

Handmade billet


Clean, clear, and
Engine #
Frame #100349





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