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Old School Motorcycle Co. -- 2017 Time Bandit Class K


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This 2017 Time Bandit Classic K Series Motorcycle is the Old School Motorcycle Company's version of a Knucklehead. (Looks like a Knucklehead doesn’t it?!) 

The bike is actually a Brand New Bike from Old School Motorcycle Company, a premier manufacturer and distributor of the Classic American Motorcycle.  

Old School Motorcycle Company creates their Brand New Version of the machines made in the 1930’s -1960’s
Get the best of both worlds....... a reliable, modern ride with a vintage look!


Frame:         OSMC Cast Rigid 30 degree rake

Engine:       S&S Cycle, Inc. 93” KN-Series, Alternator/Generator
Displacement:    1546 cc
Transmission:     Baker 4 Speed
Primary:                Baker Tin Type
Front End:    Exact reproduction Springer, 1946-1948 Offset, Made in Europe
Handlebars:      Speedster
Brakes (Front):    Dual Leading Shoe springer brake
Brakes (Rear):    Hydraulic juice drum
Seat:         OSMC Leather Solo Seat 
Exhaust:       OSM 
Warranty:     24 Month 


A. Components & Their Benefits

Redesigned Pogo Seat Suspension for a more comfortable riding experience
          No other manufacturer uses this; obsolete since 1983 – we brought it back to give it the classic vintage look 
Custom Built items
Hand-made Leather Seat
     Oil Bucket
Handlebar Controls
  Rear fender fender tabs and hinge replaced with chrome hardware for original look and better functionality
S&S Cycle Engines (Best in Class)
º S&S Cycles Inc. has been around for 55 years and is the authorized manufacturer of OSMC motors
º Industry leader & solid reputation
Baker Drivetrain – Transmission & Primary (Best in Class)
º Superior in the industry (the “Ferrari” of drivetrains -and 3X more expensive)
Electronic Speedo 
State-of-the-Art Wiring Harness with LED lighting
Gas tanks are nickel-plated for durability 
Functioning Kick starter & electric start 
Cast Frame for authenticity and durability
Internal throttle – gives it a nice, clean, vintage look

B. Other

Motorcycles come with a Full 17-digit VIN 
Listed in Kelley Blue Book & NADA Appraisal Guides for resale value & easy 
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) & Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) Compliant
EPA compliant in 49 states (exception CA)
Captures the iconic vintage look
Modern ride 
º Electric start added (only a kicker in original)
º Larger engines  (93” vs. 74” in the original)
º Updated Drum brakes  (drum brakes have been updated for better stopping power which passed DOT requirements for today’s road standards)
º Electronic speedo 
Uniquely designed 
Limited Edition


23 Miles on this machine, all early break in work.


Gloss Black

Sheet Metal

Front & Rear Fender Based on a 1940’s Springer 3.5 Gallon Gas Tanks.
Al sheet metal custom manufactured to our specifications.


Fender Tips, Headlight Bezel, Mirrors, Fender Light


All New to the specs listed above. This is an S&S engine straight from the factory. Built complete there and deli vered to us. 2 year warranty.

baker transmission is also newm assembled at the factory and shipped direct to us..

Wheels & Tires

Rims: 16” Black D.O.T. Rims With Parkerized Spokes; Star Hub With Modern Sealed Bearings (Less Maintenance, Lasts Longer)
Front Tire: Coker Classic 16 X 5.00
Rear Tire: Coker Classic 16 X 5.00



This motorcycle is built on a 49 state verification from S&S


Listed In NADA Appraisal Guides at $31,695

View Appraisal Here:



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