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Jul 2016

Homer Knapp Liquidation - UPDATE - 7/3/16


Homer Knapp Estate Liquidation – UPDATE
Living Will and Probate Will Discussion

Classic Motorcycle Consignments

The Homer Knapp Hollywood Machine and Motorcycles liquidation was a success! Thanks to all who came out to assist in identifying items and buying items!


Do you have a will or living trust? Do you have an inventory of your motorcycles and vehicles that your family can use in case of your early demise?

This liquidation was very difficult because it had to go to probate in California first. And, there was no inventory of items which allowed for the disappearance of many valuable items and tools. Many people told the estate that “Homer said that this would be mine when he died”. Well, absent a written statement or a bill of sale or an accurate will, the Estate owns everything and must report it to the state. 

Estate liquidations are becoming a large business for Classic Motorcycle Consignments. Please, do not put your family in the probate abyss! Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in a proper inventory of your assets.

The three complete motorcycles that have been recovered have just been prepared for sale and are posted on Classic Motorcycle Consignments. They are Homer’s 1928 JD Twin Cam in race trim, Homer's 1953 Norton Featherbed frame with his Ariel 4 inserted for power aka “Homer’s Ride” and a 1946 Standard Motorcycle in complete and running condition.

Click on the links above or on the pics below to see more photos and info on these three bikes of Homer's.

1928 Harley JD Twin Cam
1953 Norton Ariel Motorcyle
1946 Standard 350 Motorcycle
Other bikes including the Whizzers, the 1936 Ironhead Ariel, the Triumph, and the tandem bicycle have not yet been recovered. They were taken off property days after Homer’s death and have been reported as stolen. If you have any information about these bikes or see them for sale somewhere please contact us here at Classic Motorcycle Consignments.


Check in to the site often to see what we have and feel free to share our newsletters and other posts to Facebook and other social media. 

Thanks for reading! Have a great 4th of July weekend and keep the rubber side down!

Tim Graber, Proprietor

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