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BMW Bikes – 2 w/Sidecars — Happy Thanksgiving!

Classic Motorcycle Consignments
Wishes You and Yours
a Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks to all for the read of our last newsletter and, of course, this one! Please feel free to comment on what we do at anytime, we like to hear from you!
We have a good selection of BMW’s currently on the site and our sellers want to know why we did not include them in the last newsletter. Well... there was just not enough room. Because your time is tight, we try to send 3 items in a newsletter so that you can take a quick look during your busy day.
Check out these BMWs currently available on the site, and let's negotiate a great deal!
1961 BMW R 69 S
This famous BMW motorcycle is now available at the bottom of the range.
1961 BMW R 69 S
1961 BMW R 69 S
1974 BMW R 90/6 w/Steib TR 500 Sidecar
Looking for a great sidecar rig? Offer in the range and ride away with a totally fresh, restored rig! Includes all paperwork history..
1958 BMW R 60/2 w/Steib Sidecar
Excellent motorcycle and rig.
1958 BMW R 60-2 - Steib Sidecar
Enjoy looking around the site!
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Cheers from Classic Motorcycle Consignments!
Tim Graber

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BMW Bikes – 2 w/Sidecars — Happy Thanksgiving!