Submit your Classic Motorcycle Consignment


A Trusted and secure way to Buy, Sell, or Consign your Vintage Motorcycle, Classic Car, Historic Memorabilia, or those Valuable Parts!

How does our system work? 

Step #1 - Submit your Motorcycle              

The first step is to submit your vehicle through the consignment page. We will look at the photos and supplied documentation to determine a fair market analysis and formulate a plan on marketing your Classic Consignment   

Step #2 - We Contact You

We will then contact you to finalize details and to accept listing. During our call we will make sure we have all the correct information and documentation to successfully market you Classic Consignment. Go over our plan and talk about fees if any.  

Step #3 - Sit Back and let us do all the Work

That's right nothing else for you to do besides sit back and let us do all the work. we take all of the calls, deal with "Tire Kickers", do all the marketing, and make the sell.   


Where do we market and advertise?

  • Website ( Our website ranks among the highest in search engines)
  • Social Media (We have a large social media presence with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) 
  • Email (We have a sizeable Database for email Newsletters and E-Blasts)
  • Private Data Base (We have a list of collectors that are looking for certain Makes / Models of Classics)
  • Digital Marketing (Placing Digital Ads across multiple platforms)
  • World Wide Marketing
  • Ebay 
  • Bring a Trailer


Our Fees - 

 Please Contact us to talk about listing fees