Classic Motorcycle Consignments “Smart” Software Update

Classic Motorcycle Consignments is proud to announce that we are “Smarter than our phones!” Classic Motorcycle Consignments has just completed a technical update that allows YOU, the user, to view the website from any device. This means that you can look at the beautiful classic and vintage motorcycles available on the site at any time and from anywhere. The images and information download fast, clean, and clear! We also have upgraded the product offerings to Motorcycle Parts, literature, books and all things motorcycle related.


Coming soon is a direct link to the Rusteco  product line of rust removal for gas tanks. You can place an order direct with a credit card and the product will ship in 3 days. We are also in negotiations with a manufacturer of vintage motorcycle parts so that we can sell his products direct from our site. Good place for the cannon-ballers to get spare parts for the trip!

Thanks for reading. We look forward to providing you great photos of Classic and Vintage Motorcycles for Sale. We are the #1 Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Consignment Shop on the net with clients nationally and internationally!

Cheers and always, rubber side down!

Tim Graber, Proprietor — Click to contact me direct — Click to give us a view. Slide down and Click “Browse Bikes” to see our motorcycles

Go here to see the latest Steve McQueen bike now offered for sale:

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