Las Vegas Recap, New Arrivals, New Bikes Coming Soon

Greetings from Classic Motorcycle Consignments!

We want to take this opportunity to thank those that called and asked for information about bikes presented at the auctions in Las Vegas and let you know about our Newest Arrivals.

Both Las Vegas events were quite successful with over 2,000 bikes on display and 95% being sold. Tim was quite busy answering the phone and assessing bikes for clients. Nice to get a firsthand view of the bike and not count solely on the pictures in the catalog or on the internet.


We successfully bid on 4 of the 25 bikes we reviewed. Clients were talked out of bidding wars on two occasions and we advised them not to bid at all on 5 others.


Yes, Tim will be there again in June so that you do not have to fly in and spend hotel time and social time to look at your next investment.


Please give us a call ahead of time so that we can do a great job assisting you in the upcoming auction in June.

We have several new arrivals coming in for consignment..

the three remaining 1942 Indians from the original collection of four

The collection was sold at a good price and the buyer will keep the 1942 Four and possibly the 1942 Sport Scout.
The 1942 Chief and the 1942 JR Scout will be relisted for immediate sell.

…… You will also see 
a 1911 Indian Twin(Restored),
a 1912 Indian Twin (original paint),
1959 Harley FLHF(possible original paint),

a 1947 Indian Chief road machine (12 volt and 4 speed),
an original 1947 Indian Chief ,
anda few others….

We hope to have the incoming bikes posted for sale by the end of next week, so please review the site often and subscribe to the newsletter so that you get first view of the opportunities.

We see an increase in the buying of classic motorcycles and strong prices. We are also receiving quite an increase of bikes for sale. Thanks for all your help! If you know of anyone holding bikes or parts and they do not want to go straight to the eBay way, we are glad to help.

Don’t forget to check out the three gorgeous Knucklehead Bobbers ! They remain available and are all great lookers and superb runners!

This 1946 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead Bobber is an incredible motorcycle! It started life at the factory, then morphed into a Bobber. It’s been featured in two different magazines due to its incredible beauty and ability!…


This 1946 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead Bobber was purchased new by the original owner in California. He rode the hell out of it, including to Hollister in 1947. The second owner bought the bike in the early 60’s when his buddy transferred to the big house for life…


This 1947 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead Bobber has only 600 miles on it. It runs perfectly and is a first-kick!
Build by Jeremiah Armenta at Love Cycles with 90% original parts…


Motorcycle Estate Inventory Planning & Valuations…

Classic Motorcycle Consignments also handles estate inventory planning and valuations. Please keep us in mind if you would like to do estate planning on your motorcycles or a motorcycle collection, large or small. We have several happy clients that sleep well at night knowing that their personal inventory is listed and priced out in case needed by the family members.

Have a great year, and thanks for reading! Tim is available just about any time via email or phone to discuss your personal needs.

Cheers from Tim and the Staff at Classic Motorcycle Consignments!

Tim Graber
Classic Motorcycle Consignments

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