Mesinger Tandem Seats (reproduction) Now on the Site!

Mesinger Tandem Seats (Reproduction)

Classic Motorcycle Consignments is proud to represent the newly re-manufactured Mesinger Tandem Seat (reproduction) MADE IN THE USA! 

— Complete Assembly
— Frame Only (no seat pan)
— Covered Seat Only (Black or Brown Leather)

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This is an exact reproduction of the original, Mesinger Tandem Seat. An original assembly was found a few years back and a decision was made to manufacture correct, new assemblies of the Mesinger Tandem Seat. The original was taken apart and each piece exactly measured and reproduced.

There are 84 handmade parts to the Tandems. After manufacturing the forming dies and tools to form the parts it took 42 man hours to make each seat frame and seat. MADE IN THE USA!   The material that is used to make them; 1-1/8 x 3/16 Round edge flat stock, is no longer available. A Steel Rolling Mill made a special run of the flat stock in a 3,000 foot run.   The Parts were cut on an iron worker then holes punched and bars rounded with a forming die, exactly like Mesinger would have made them so that the pieces have the same look as the original.

The frame is put together with the same rivets and round head bolts as the original. The foot board rubbers were cut out of flat rubber stock and hand grip rubber pieces were molded in rubber molds as the originals. MADE IN THE USA! 

The original Seat Pan was 3D scanned and stamped out of the same thickness sheet metal as the original to the exact dimensions of the original. MADE IN THE USA! 


Harley, Indian, Henderson, Cleveland, Excelsior Super X and Big X would have used the same size Tandem seat frame back in the day (from 1920 on the first scout to 1949 on the rigid frame Harley’s). Harley Riders wanting to ride double would have purchased the frame from a repair shop or second hand as they bolt right on.

The Seat itself could have been purchased separately by customers of Indian, Harley, Cleveland, and Excelsior. They could have been used as a rider seat, probably most likely on bobbers of the day; but not usually on a stock model.  The rider seats of the day were longer and had a shorter back.

The exciting thing about the Tandems is the increased family involvement in the sport!  I hope we can promote as many as possible in a worldwide market.

Now available through Classic Motorcycle Consignments.

Mesinger Tandem Seats (reproduction)

For use on any American Made “Hard Tail Motorcycle 1920 – 1949

Perfect re-manufacturer/reproduction  including all of the component parts (84) pieces to an assembly) and re-stamped Mesinger pans.


We ship via UPS, FedEx and USPS, depending on which is most cost effective for you and your area. All products are shipped from Portland, OR/USA. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Products are shipped in a 500 lb. extra heavy cardboard box with  paper and foam sheet packing.

Frames, seats and complete assemblies will arrive completely assembled and ready to bolt on.It takes 4 hands to install, as one person is needed to hold the unit.

Please allow 15 days for delivery, products ship within 5 days from your order.

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