Newsletter — 6-10-16

This Week’s Special! 

A Very Unique Custom-Built
2007 Walz Hardcore Chopper Pro Street

This is not our normal classic or vintage motorcycle, but it is so unique and such a great build we decided to assist with the sale. Let’s help this motorcycle find a new rider!!

This is a Custom Built Chopper/Pro Street machine on a Walz (Germany) frame built by the creator of the drag style motorcycle frame and naming rights.

WalzWerks Motorcycles are made in Belgium and they are the prize possession of many Formula One race car drivers and many of the Go Fast Hollywood crowd. This particular motorcycle is titled in California and is therefore available as a street ride. Read Much More on the Site…

CLICK to Read All About the Build on This Bike.

Email Tim for more info and pictures of this awesome bike!

THANKS for reading our special notices. We have some exciting opportunities coming in this month and you just saw one of them!

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Cheers from the  Staff at Classic Motorcycle Consignments,

Tim Graber, Proprietor

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