Newsletter – September

Greetings from the staff at Classic Motorcycle Consignments!
It has been a while since our last newsletter, so it is time to catch up! We have been very busy. Lots of travel and lots of great bikes ready to be posted for sale.
We will be liquidating a couple private collections in the next month. We also are collaborating with a firm in the UK to handle the sales of their exquisite motorcycles. So we hope you read on and let your friends know of the incoming inventory.
We have been adding fixes and upgrades to the site, so let us know if you have any problems with the site. It should load quickly on any device, and you should be able to direct share from any page on the site.
I am also headed out to TROG in Wildwood New Jersey for the event Oct 1 – 3. We are driving out the interstate with stops in Las Vegas, Grand Junction, CO; Salinas, KA; Greenfield, IN; Pittsburgh, PA. We may take the southern route on the way back in.
Give me a shout if you have a great place for chow along our route.
Special Sales!
The following motorcycles have been reduced in price, and the owners are looking for a new curator/rider.
Make a reasonable offer, and let’s make some deals! These are investment quality motorcycles that should hold value well in this inflationary spiral. 
1949 Harley-Davidson  WL-SP
1949 Harley-Davidson WL-SP
This is an original paint, original motorcycle, with lots of one year only items.
1959 Harley Davidson FLF
● 1959 Harley-Davidson FL
Older restoration (tanks) of an excellent motorcycle!
1928 Harley-Davidson JD - Scrambler
● 1928 Harley-Davidson JD “Scrambler”
Fresh restoration and rebuild. Now posted on eBay, price reduced. Offers within the range will be given serious consideration. Time for this great bike to be on the road!
Special Announcement!
We have been working on posting Vincent bikes (Black Shadows and Rapides), as well a 750 Honda “Sandcast” and some Triumphs -- for your viewing pleasure and investment purchasing.
Stay tuned for the next announcements or email direct for previews.
Have fun looking around! Remember you can click on the links and pictures, and share with friends!
Comments and opinions are always welcome:
Cheers from the Staff at Classic Motorcycle Consignments!
Tim Graber

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