Two Awesome Motorcycles — Prices Reduced!

• 1938-39 Harley Davidson Experimental Motorcycle
  Now on the Site and Ready to Sell!

Classic Motorcycle Consignments is proud to announce the availability of an extremely unique, experimental, Harley Davidson 1938-39 Motorcycle! 
This is the actual, Bill Harley’s experimental, “second generation” 52-cubic-inch overhead valve 1938-39 Knucklehead prototype designed and fought for by Bill Harley in the late 1930’s. There were five prototypes produced, but this example ……


• 1920 Ace Four Motorcycle — Price Reduced

This 1920 Ace Four motorcycle is a real piece of American motorcycle history.
This is a factory original motorcycle with every piece a one-off original. Only three 1920 Ace motorcycles are known to exist today. Evidence suggests that this motorcycle was built by William Henderson and sold to Roy Egeberg so he could start his Ace dealership. Certain markings


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Tim Graber, Proprietor

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