1913 Indian Standard Motorcycle

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This 1913 Indian motorcycle is a basic survivor. This Indian Twin Cylinder, single speed, 1000 cc 7.5 hp, was the first year offering of a “standard” compliment of items from the factory instead of a build as you order it program. The only standard item missing would be the luggage rack and leather tool box.

This motorcycle is a basic born-at-the-factory machine that was minimally restored back in the 80’s when found in Carson City, Nevada. The motorcycle was selected to participate in the Minden NV pre-16 road runs and it was prepared correctly to be a dependable ride with minimal restoration. Engine work was performed by Jeff Ziereck and he set up all running gear. This 1913 Indian Twin fires right up with a little pedaling and it is road worthy for a light run by accomplished riders!

Last ridden a few years back, this bike started right up to perform for the video camera in May of 2016.

Sold on a bill of sale and a Nevada parade license.



Unknown mileage on the motorcycle. Estimated at 2000 max on the engine rebuild.


Mostly original paint with some repaint to protect the replacement parts. Check the pictures.

Sheet Metal

Mostly original sheet metal in great shape and excellent patina. Gas tank is solid with the repairs previously accomplished.


No Chrome. Anything that could or should be shiny is nickel.


This Twin cylinder 1000 cc 7.5 hp motorcycle is mechanically sound and road worthy. Pre-16 motorcycles like this are a busy mechanic’s dream and always need tinkering. All moving parts are greased and properly fit. Clutch is operable as is the brake. This engine was built by quality engine builder back in the early 80's in order to participate in the Minden NV pre-16 road runs. It has perfortmed admirably and is in running condition.

Wheels & Tires

Rims are painted clincher with original painted spokes. Tires appear to be early originals with limited service life remaining 28 X 3.


Clean, clear, Nevada parade title
Engine #
Frame # None

Valuation Resource Guide

This motorcycle would rate as a 2+ to 1- on the NADA scale.

NADA suggested value $64,245 as a 1 and $35,595 as a 2

Hagerty Value suggested of $55,000 as a 1 and $41,000 as a 2