1914 Harley Davidson Twin Motorcycle Model 10-F — SOLD!
1914 Harley Davidson Twin Motorcycle Model 10-F — SOLD!
1914 Harley Davidson Twin Motorcycle Model 10-F — SOLD!
1914 Harley Davidson Twin Motorcycle Model 10-F — SOLD!
1914 Harley Davidson Twin Motorcycle Model 10-F — SOLD!
1914 Harley Davidson Twin Motorcycle Model 10-F — SOLD!
1914 Harley Davidson Twin Motorcycle Model 10-F — SOLD!

1914 Harley Davidson Twin Motorcycle Model 10-F — SOLD!

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Price Range: $50,250 to $52,750





The seller has asked me to reduce the price and sell this motorcycle.

If you are interested in a great running machine with an older restoration and a possible link to McQueen, send us an offer above $53,500 and let’s discuss it.

This 1914 Harley Davidson Twin was purchased from a Steve McQueen collector. A historical search may turn up a Certificate of Authenticity.

This bike has just undergone a complete mechanical restoration with consultation from knowledgeable authorities on correct parts and specifications. Paint is in great shape with some wear on the luggage rack. The motorcycle was restored in the 50’s and the paint and striping was installed back then.

The bike is an easy start and a great runner now that the engine has been refreshed. Check out the video provided.

1914 Harley Davidson Twin 10-F Motorcycle — History 
Finally, the modern era arrived in 1914 with Harley’s first multi-speed big twin. It was ‘only’ a 2-speeder, with an epicyclic rear hub common in bicycles, but the ability to change gears was a huge advance in a motorcycles’ ride-ability. The gear proved tricky to keep in good adjustment, and its tight tolerances combined with riders’ unfamiliarity with the mechanism meant two-speeders were often only one-speeders with a neutral! A service bulletin flying on the heels of the 10F’s arrival reminded riders that forcing the shifter into high or low gear while the machine wasn’t running was a recipe for a bent shift lever.

Another first for the 10F was a step-starter, by which a standing rider could spin and start the motor whilst stationary, or even astride the machine, without pedaling madly with a decompressor activated. With the first proper kick starter, the 1914 models evolved further away from their bicycle origins, and were no longer mopeds. The kicker meant no pedal-crank, and thus no natural place to keep one’s feet, so H-D introduced foot-boards to their models, which were hinged for starting, as was the pedal of the new foot-clutch assembly, which interfered with the foot-board when starting.

What didn’t interfere with the folding foot-boards was the new rear brake pedal; with no pedaling gear, the coaster brake was out and a drum brake added to the rear wheel. For the all-chain twin-cylinder models, an expanding band of friction material rubbed against the inside of the seven-inch diameter brake drum. This was Harley’s first drum brake, and for the remaining belt-drive models, an external band contracted on the brake drum.
60.34ci Engine, 8.0hp
3 5/16″ Bore X 3.5″ Stroke
310 Lbs
2.5 Gal Fuel Capacity
2.0 Qt Oil Tank
All-Chain Drive With Clutch
Two-Speed Gearbox & Rear Drum Brake
7,956 Produced
Original List Price $285

This 1914 Harley Davidson Twin 10-F Motorcycle, being presented for sale, is a beautiful example of the first-year 2-speed Harley!



No Speedometer


Excellent condition and great color.The color is a few shades off from the true Renault Grey. Striping color is not factory correct and that color blue makes the Grey lighter also. Some wear marks on the luggage rack. Bubbling of the paint on the right side gas tank is noted.

Sheet Metal

Excellent with no dents or dings and few scratches.


Chrome handlebars in excellent shape. All chrome is in excellent shape but should be nickle.


Just completely taken apart and put back together. Runs perfect. See the video.

The motorcycle sat for many years in a private collection and the current owner wanted to make sure it was prepared to be a good reliable runner so he refreshed the engine by tearing it down and inspecting all tolerances and parts.

Wheels & Tires

Period correct Coker Clincher rims and tires 28x 3. Stainless spokes and nipples with painted rims.
Front Tire: 28 X 3correct
Rear Tire: 28 X 3 correct


Correct Illinois Title
Engine # F12928H
Frame # F12928H
Belly # F12928H

Valuation Resource Guide

This motorcycle would rate as a 2+ . Suggested value of $54,300 to $100,000.

This restored motorcycle, running and excellently prepared is only down graded because of the color of the paint stripping, the bubbling of the right tank, and the use of chrome vs nickle. These items are already reflected in the offering price.


Stewart warning signal Model 115A. Period correct.
Chicago Cycle supply gas headlamp. Perfect. Period correct.