1914 Indian Regular Model – Twin Cylinder

1914 Indian Regular Model – Twin Cylinder

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This appears to be a “born as” 1914 Indian Regular Model twin cylinder two speed motorcycle that has been stored indoors for years. It is at least 90 percent complete missing chains and a few bolts and nuts. Much of the linkage is with the bike if not most. There is minimal rust on this fine machine which makes it a great candidate for a barn fresh runner and a superb candidate for a full restore if that is ones’ intent. My preference would be to attach the starter shaft (front mount and included), put gas in the tank (hopefully it remains intact without leaks), and expect it to fire right up. The motor is free. The mag should be hot! Then you could just chain it up and take it for a ride. I personally would leave it this way.





Original paint, barn fresh. Original paint on rims including the striping

Sheet Metal

Gas Tank has seen better days. Fenders are rust free and minimal dings.


This would have been Watts Knickle and what is there has seen better days, GREAT patina.


Unknown. The engine is complete and in the frame. Includes the carb. Does not look like it has been wrenched on a lot. Engine is free and all pushrods rotate correctly. All brake linings are intact. Tranny and clutch are in place correctly and appear to be complete.

Wheels & Tires

Rims appear to be original with original paint under the dust/dirt.


Sold on Bill of Sale Engine # 88F7.. Frame # None

Valuation Resource Guide

This machine is rated as a 4++


Speedo and cables and drives.