1915 Harley-Davidson Model 11-F
1915 Harley-Davidson Model 11-F
1915 Harley-Davidson Model 11-F
1915 Harley-Davidson Model 11-F
1915 Harley-Davidson Model 11-F

1915 Harley-Davidson Model 11-F

Regular price$62,500.00

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1915 Harley Davidson Model 11-F




This is an original paint (rust?) 1915 Harley Davidson Model 11 F. This motorcycle is the best of the Harley Davidson line up in pre 16 motorcycles! The Model 11 F is a 3-speed Twin cylinder motorcycle with double acting brake expanding band rear brake assembly. The 3 speed transmission locks into gear and also assists with breaking. The engine is a 61 cubic inch, 989 cc, 11 hp model with a first year 1-inch crank pin for strength.

This was a solid motorcycle from the get-go!

This particular motorcycle was found as a complete motorcycle although the engine was apart. Time has been good to this bike and now time has altered the collectability of the bike. The restoration started a long time ago at a slow pace and the owner decided not to restore but to set it up as an unrestored motorcycle because that is more difficult to find.

The current status of this Harley Davidson is that it is mechanically, professionally restored and ready to run. The original patina of the sheet metal allows for a choice of running as is or going for the complete restoration. What do you want to do with it, or do you think it should be done?

Mileage: Zero on the mechanical rebuild.

Paint: Paint is original patina rusted paint. It could use an oil bath to feed it and help it stop rusting.

Sheet Metal: Seems all original and in great condition.

Chrome: None, some nickel remains.

Mechanical: The engine has been cleaned, assorted, and rebuilt with quality parts. It is ready to run. Receipts on the build go with the bike. The engine was restored with a full bike restoration in mind, so it was correctly nickeled. The engine looks a bit out of place in the frame, but road work will smooth that out.

Wheels & Tires:
Rims: Original steel clincher rims with the original spokes and nipples.
Tires: New Coker tires and tubes assembled and in place.

Title: Sold on Bill of sale. CA Title available
Engine # 6645 K
Frame  # N/A


NADA: https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/1915/Harley-Davidson/11F-TWIN-60-34ci/Values

Excellent            $107,965
Very Good          $ 56,490
Good                   $ 32,405
This machine’s current status would place it in the Very good status or above

Hagerty Value Guides: https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1915-Harley~Davidson-11F_Twin

#1 Concours      $175,000
#2 Excellent      $150,000
#3 Good             $125,000
#4 Fair               $100,000

This machine’s current status would be rated at #4 Fair or less.

Mecum Auctions: Mecum Results 1915 Harley Davidson Model 11 F
The same bike shown as sold in 2019 and 2021 at $110,000 Concourse.
Monterey 2021 no sale at $65 high bid on a bike with Reserve at $85,000

Accessories: There is a complete story of the history of the bike available. All build receipts go with the bike. There is also an extra engine and transmission available that is priced separately.