1929 Harley Davidson JD Motorcycle Project
1929 Harley Davidson JD Motorcycle Project
1929 Harley Davidson JD Motorcycle Project
1929 Harley Davidson JD Motorcycle Project
1929 Harley Davidson JD Motorcycle Project

1929 Harley Davidson JD Motorcycle Project

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Price Range: 9,950 Estimated Cost



This 1929 Harley Davidson JD motorcycle was purchased from a collector who had gathered these pieces to build a complete bike but then ran out of time. Most of it is all original and some parts came together from the factory, maybe.

I am not a Harley expert so check the pictures closely. We have now created a rolling chassis from these parts. Many of the non-used parts have been sold at a swap meet. The bike needs to be finished and tested out on the road to be a runner.  Frame is straight. Tanks appear whole but are dented.  This is the sum of the parts that have now been assembled.

This motorcycle needs to be wired and fired!

• Front wheel is a WL (?) original with tight spokes, a complete brake assembly with brake shoes internally. Rim was cleaned and taped and the new tube and an original tire installed.  1,000
• Rear wheel is an original Harley wheel with tight spokes, and internal brake assembly. Internal rim has been cleaned, taped and a new tube and original Dunlop tire installed. $  1,000
•  JD Frame is complete, light rust, appears to be straight. No evidence of chop. $  1,500
• Engine is a 1929. Numbers have been cleared by CHP. Internals all rebuilt and completed by Francis Clifford in the early ’90s. Engine turns freely and is expected to run. $ 8,500
Transmission is clean and correctly aligned. Gears are usable with some wear. $  1,500
The best set of tanks have been installed. Great patina with remnants of the Harley name left in the paint. Appears to be capable of holding liquid. Bungs appear to be intact. $  1,500
•  Front Fender is complete with patina. $     500
•  Rear fender complete and original with an original stop light bracket and light. $     750
•  DLX 48 Carb complete (noted as a 1928 Harley PD carb) $     750
•  Generator distributor $     350
•  Coil $     250
•  Timing cover with oil pump $     500
•  Front engine case protector, original $     150
•  Rear wheel stand, original $     150
•  Battery box original $     150
•  29-only triple tree head lamp bracket holder original $     150
•  Original seat pan and pogo stem $     250
•  Assembly Labor $   1000




$16,500 OBO

We will be soliciting offers on the following parts:

Please check the pictures and do your homework. I purchased 2.5 projects to complete 2. Parts not used on this assembly, and pictured, are available for sale or as negotiated for this rolling basket.

That includes: 1 Transmission with great gears, 1 gas tank left side and 2 right side, 2 coils, 2 generator/mags, 1 rear 28 cylinder, 1 front 29 cylinder, 1 bobbed front fender, 2 oil pump bodies.

CONTACT TIM at 949-254-6551






Sheet Metal





The 1929 engine was rebuilt by Francis Clifford around 2002.

Wheels & Tires



The engine has clean numbers per California CHP inspection. Title is available for a $500 fee if requested.

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