1946 Harley Davidson E “Knucklehead” Motorcycle (Sons of Anarchy)
1946 Harley Davidson E “Knucklehead” Motorcycle (Sons of Anarchy)
1946 Harley Davidson E “Knucklehead” Motorcycle (Sons of Anarchy)
1946 Harley Davidson E “Knucklehead” Motorcycle (Sons of Anarchy)
1946 Harley Davidson E “Knucklehead” Motorcycle (Sons of Anarchy)
1946 Harley Davidson E “Knucklehead” Motorcycle (Sons of Anarchy)

1946 Harley Davidson E “Knucklehead” Motorcycle (Sons of Anarchy)

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Price Range: $72,500 to $74,550




This Harley Davidson 1946 E model will auction off on Friday the 26th of January at the Mecum Vegas Auction.

Call me direct if you want me to assist you in bidding!!! Tim 949-254-6551


1946 Harley Davidson E “Knucklehead” —
Sons of Anarchy Hollywood Bike!

This 1946 Harley Davidson E Knucklehead motorcycle was used on the Sons of Anarchy show. This HD “E” Knucklehead motorcycle was rented by the studio for the filming and later sold to the current owner. This is THEbike shown in the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse and purported to be John Teller’s motorcycle. This E motorcycle is a good runner and ready for the next curator. Current owner has all of the necessary paperwork to confirm this bike’s identity and previous owner. This bike has minimal defects and was last tuned or ridden spring of 2016.

This is not a factory original 1946 Knucklehead. This Knucklehead was built specifically as a rider with a blend of the builder’s favorite features from the ’45-’51 model years. Although it was built for a private party, this knucklehead represents just the way the original Sons of Anarchy President (John Teller) would have liked it.

Gathering parts for this icon began more than thirty years ago, before reproduction parts were available. The engine is the original Knucklehead motor, with original stock HD Knucklehead cylinders. The belly numbers match and are intact. The Springer front end is also ’46 Knucklehead. The wishbone frame is an original ’48 Panhead frame. The gas tanks are from a ’51 Panhead. Other Panhead items include the mouse-trap clutch and the 2-light dash.   This bike was built as a blend of John Teller’s personal riding and styling preferences, just like any hard riding 1%er would have done in 1970.  The bike is equipped exactly as it appeared during six seasons of the S of A television series.

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The speedometer is not currently functional.


Paint was excellently done at restoration and remains in great shape with a few scratches from use on the set. Seems as though “Opie” scratched it during filming!

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is Harley Davidson original and is well fit to the theme of this motorcycle. This bike was built for show and go and the builder exceeded each objective.


Chrome is bright and shiny. Excellent chroming completed during restoration/build.


This motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition. It was last tuned Spring of 2016 and it is road worthy.
Engine is believed to be a stock 61 inch, builder unknown.

Wheels & Tires

Star hubs with chrome spokes and black painted rims.
Front Tire is Continental radial 16 X 450 for exceptional riding
Rear Tire is Continental radial


Clean, California without registration. Bike is currently registered in Canada.
Engine # 46 E 5701
Frame # None (not until 1969
Belly # Matching

Valuation Resource Guide

Suggested for a 1946 E $37,240. The suggested value does not reflect cost of the build, movie star ownership, or memorabilia values.


Authentication of this motorcycle as used on the set during the Sons Of Anarchy series. Signed poster by all cast members and SoA vest.