1950′s Harley-Davidson WR Racer  SOLD!!

1950′s Harley-Davidson WR Racer SOLD!!

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This 1950′s Harley-Davidson WR Racer is a California privateer pieced together with a quality motor that is reputed to have won at Daytona only to be disqualified because of pistons that are .60 over.  It has just been completed after a year’s quality labor. The motor is new and fresh. All paint and metalwork is privateer rough with style, expertly completed. Quality work by a quality builder! This machine is a fire breather ready to race!



0 miles on the rebuild, No Track time.


Privateer rough with earlier decals.

Sheet Metal

Excellent. No dings or dents. Customized where needed for a CA Racer.




WL flywheels and rods, KR cylinders and pistons, plus .060 Pistons have been knurled, WR valve spring covers, tappet guides and tapered rollered tappets. KR roller base cams with a generator drive gear in place. I 1/2 Linkert carb which is an M-53 A-1.

Wheels & Tires



This was privateer racer. Sold with a bill of sale.

Valuation Resource Guide



Original WR Seat.