1963 Cushman Eagle
1963 Cushman Eagle
1963 Cushman Eagle
1963 Cushman Eagle
1963 Cushman Eagle
1963 Cushman Eagle

1963 Cushman Eagle

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Several Cushmans were purchased out of a collection in Ontario California several decades ago. They were stored in a warehouse for years. This 1963 underwent a cosmetic restoration from the pros at CANOGA AUTOBODY several years ago. This scooter was on indoor display at the bodyshop for customers to enjoy for the last several years. Some of the new parts include complete headlamp assembly with new chrome trim, new front shroud escutcheon, new wiring loam, new rubber all the way around including grips, and floorboard rubber. Tires are brand new exact replacements with Cushman inscribed on the sidewall. Brand new fork gators and clamps and the tail lamp assembly is new. All parts are the best quality from Dennis Carpenter Restorations in So Carolina. This bike is a strong runner and shows well. The clutch needs addressing, as well as the tank liner. The gas tank was cleaned and creamed several years ago but there is a section that’s flaking. Other than that, the tank is rust free and in good shape. The scooter was refinished with high quality Glasuret paint in an early Ford color.

This 1963 Cushman Eagle was purchased a few years back from a major collector of Cushmans. It was in need of cosmetic restoration so it was taken apart and repainted after correctly preparing the metal. Appropriate trim pieces were purchased along with the new seat, head light bucket and some other parts. The scooter runs great and looks great. It has a California title and it is not currently registered for the road. A simple trip to the DMV will acquire the road license. The license plate shown will sell with the scooter.


Unknown mileage on the engine. Zero since restoration. No odometer.


This is owned by a body shop owner and he just selected some paint that was on the shelf to freshen up the scooter. It is an excellent application of quality paint, salmon beige in color.

Sheet Metal

Original sheet metal properly prepared and well fit.


New chrome on the handlebars, exhaust and headlight.


Strong runner. Basically restored. Needs a clutch adjustment and a liner replaced in the gas tank. Tank 100% rust-free.

Wheels & Tires

New tires and wheels.
Front Tire: 4.75 x 7.7
Rear Tire:


Clear California title
Engine #:
Frame #: 084886

NADA: Not listed.


Luggage Rack.