1975 BMW R 75-6 Motorcycle

Regular price$4,250.00

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Price Range: $3,750 to $4,000


This 1975 BMW R 75/6 is a triple matching number motorcycle that has been customized by its owner to run a bit truer, a bit quicker, and a bit smoother. This finely tuned 750 motorcycle is quick and stable. The roar of the custom exhaust is like no other and gear change between 2500 and 4500 rpm is a sweet song! This bike is lightly used with 64,125 miles and it was under the watchful eye of a fanatic motorcycle guru. Ready for show and go with a clear California Title and current registration.

Check the changes made to approximate a café racer:
Handle bars changed.  New control SW wiring, add the fearing and installed rear drive gear for freeway use, rebuild and added electronics ignition, rebuild the carburetors.

Changed the tank from a toaster style to a 6-gallon, seat changed from a R 90 with some mods.   changed the front end from a single brake, to a dual set up with the master cylinder for a better breaking, added a bigger oil pan for extra oil.  Polished a few thinks to make the bike stand out.



64,107 showing in a working clock.


Appears to be a well maintained original paint in the classic BMW Black with twin white stripping. No visible scratches or chips.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is in excellent condition and well fit. Apparently, all original equipment. There is a small ding in the right side of the tank. It is the only flaw found.


Chrome is well applied and takes a good shine. No pitting evident.


This motorcycle is in outstanding mechanical condition. Fresh battery fires it right up on full choke and it idles up clear. Finely tuned with electronic ignition, this machine rumbles to life and is quick on the take up when above 3000 rpm. The custom Rinehart exhaust creates an incredible low pitch rumble. Clean and smooth through the gears, this bike is a great ride! Oil pressure at idle is 60 psi and it moves up to about 90 when run up.

Wheels & Tires

Rims are polished aluminum with cadmium plated spokes and nipples.
Front Tire is Bridgestone 100/90 – 19 with good trade and in good shape.
Rear Tire is Bridgestone 110/90 – 18 in good shape and good tread.


Clear California Title with current registration.
Engine # 4940751
Frame # 4940751
Steering head Tag #

Valuation Resource Guide

NADA: Excellent suggested at $5,570
Hagerty Value Guide: Excellent suggested at $8000 Good suggested at $6000
Mecum Auctions: No R 75/6’s recorded