1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki
1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki

1978 KZ 650 (B 2) Kawasaki

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If you’re in the market for a Vintage Japanese 4 stroke, 4-cylinder motorcycle that is fully functional, street legal, dependable, easy to work on, is in showroom condition and most of all fun, then you have found your bike.

I purchased this bike new and from the local dealer on June 25th, 1979. This bike has spent its entire life, garaged in Orange County California, exceptionally well maintained, and operated only by me. The Craig Vetter, Wind Jammer faring was painted to match and installed at the dealer the day I rode it home. I’ve shown it several times in the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel California.

Despite the low mileage compared to its age, averaging approximately 483 miles per year, it’s no garage Queen and is still a dependable about town commuter that I use to this day. With the exception of the Vetter Faring, Sissy and cash bar, tires and the original seat cover, (which was just re-covered to match the OEM cover) all components of this bike are Factory Original.

For the past decade I’ve run only 110 octane, non-ethanol, leaded fuel in the bike. If there is another comparable bike out there, I’ve yet to see it. Truly one of a kind. For the true enthusiast I do have the Original “Cycle Sound” AM/FM Radio that could be easily installed.

MILEAGE: 21,258.8 Original Miles

PAINT: Factory Color, “Burnt Orange” The pictures tell the story as to the condition of the paint, clear coat, factory badging and pin striping. It is in excellent condition.

SHEET METAL: All straight and true to factory specs.

CHROME: Some obvious but small pitting has occurred over the years on the fork legs, wheels and spokes. Fenders are bright, rust free and shiny. Side cases do show some wear, (as they should).

MECHANICAL: The 12-volt battery was replaced @ 21,055 miles on 1-31-21. All 4 carburetors were completely rebuilt including seals, O-Rings and Bowl gaskets in March of 2019. Intake manifolds, kick start shaft seal and fuel petcock were also rebuilt during this same March 2019 service. These are the most recent service and repair issues the bike has been through. I’ve got all service records dating as far back as 1986. Prior to that the bike was maintained at the same high level but no longer have those records.

WHEELS & TIRES: Rims are OEM Kawasaki Wheels
Front tire is IRC GS-11 3.25×19
Rear tire is IRC GS-11 4.00×18

TITLE: (California Title and current registration)
Engine # KZ650BE-0089507
Frame # KZ650B-0043909


NADA:  https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/1978/Kawasaki/KZ650-B2-650/Values”
Excellent:    $3,835
Very Good:  $1,945
Good:           $1,135

Hagerty Value Guide: Hagerty Valuation 1978 Kawasaki KZ650 B-2
Concours:  $8,800
Excellent : $5,700
Good           $4,300

As mentioned, the crash and sissy bar shown in the photos, are included. Additional accessories for the bike are the previously mentioned Cycle Sound am/FM radio kit and a slip-on pad for the sissy bar that closely matches the seat cover. Also included in the sale is all original paperwork that came with the bike, the service records, original owner’s manual, and the original tool kit. Check the pictures.