2005 BMW 1200-RT Motorcycle

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 2005 BMW-1200-RT

Excellent mechanical condition! Ready for cross country now!  

So on my birthday July 2005,  My wife paid for this wonderful BMW-1200-RT. Long Beach BMW sold me this bike and serviced it for the first year. I was closer to Irv Services in Orange County and they have serviced it each year since with a complete service. Plus, we have also changed the all the springs, and have a complete set of seats from Bill Mayer in Ojai.

Since I have been riding bikes from 16-year-old, including Triumph, Yamaha, and KTM, it was great fun to be on a road bike again which had adjustable wind screen, heated seat for myself and wife. Alas, most of the miles on this excellent motorcycle have been solo.
My RT lives in my garage with a BMW cover, plus I have a BMW charging system keeping its batteries in full charge.

Irv Severs has maintained the bike on an annual basis and my record are in their files.
This RT has taken me to Mexico- Canada-all of the western States, NV, AZ, NM, CO, UT, OR, WA, plus up into British Columbia and Alberta with our pals from the Orange Country Posse, which was a group of riders my age to travel together on these many trips.
As time has passed my pals have sold their bikes because of bad eyes, bad hearts, and wives who do not want bikes in their garages! It is now my turn.

I do not like selling my RT, but after the last accident, the sale has been mandated. The accident was not on my bike, it was on a horse which bucked me off! I had an Open Book Fracture (broke me ass), and had issues with a blood thinner. So, with 8 screws on the front side and two on the back side of my rump, I need to stay off of 2 wheels.
With my bad luck and your good fortune, this bike is ready to take you anywhere you wish, immediately.

CURRENTLY OFFERED ON eBay at $5,450.00  OBO    Registered for the road until July 2018.
Excellent mechanical condition! Ready for cross country now!
(Item ID: 302600944376) — https://www.ebay.com/itm/302600944376



Only 49,500 since new.


The paint on this motorcycle is in excellent condition with a few scratches on the bags. Always polished and kept indoors and under a cover.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is in excellent condition from the factory. The bike has never been down. All available bags and attachments have been placed on this motorcycle.


Minimal chrome is bright and shiny,


This motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition, always serviced by Irv Seaver BMW in Orange CA. Records available. Ready for cross country right now.

Wheels & Tires

Rims are aluminum spokes factory issued, Tires are recent and in great shape.
Front Tire is 180 55 ZR 17 Michelin
Rear Tire is 120 ZR 17 Michelin


California Title with current registration.
Engine # 08057206
Frame # MB 10388035ZM15808

Valuation Resource Guide

Suggested retail at $5,156


All bags shown on bike, interior bags, bike cover.